ISC Syllabus for year 2019, 2018, 2017 is given below. Students of Class XII can use this syllabus for their annual examination preparation.

Board: Indian School Certificate
Class: XII
Subject: Geography

ISC Geography Syllabus

Aims :

  1. To enable candidates to acquire knowledge (information) and to develop an understanding of facts, terms, symbols concepts, principles, generalizations, hypotheses, problems, trends, processes and methods of Geography at the national and global level.
  2. To apply the knowledge of the principles of Physical Geography in explaining the causes and consequences of natural hazards and suggest ways of coping with them through sustainable development.
  3. To develop skills of drawing maps, surveying, and drawing statistical diagrams and thematic maps.
  4. To develop an interest in Geography.

There will be two papers in the subject – 

  • Paper I – Theory (3 hours) (70 marks)
  • Paper II – Practical and Project Work (30 marks)

Paper I: Theory (70 Marks)

There will be one Theory paper of three hours duration divided into two parts –

  • Part I (30 marks) will be compulsory and will consist of Section A and Section B.
    • Section A will include compulsory short answer questions testing knowledge, application and skills related to elementary/fundamental aspects of the entire syllabus.
    • Section B will consist of one question on mapwork.
  • Part II (40 marks) will consist of seven questions. Candidates will be required to answer four out of seven questions. Each question in this part shall carry 10 marks.

Geography Syllabus for ISC Class 12th is given below.

 Exam Year ISC Syllabus
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