ISC Syllabus for year 2019, 2018, 2017 is given below. Students of Class XII can use this syllabus for their annual examination preparation.

Board: Indian School Certificate
Class: XII
Subject: Mathematics

ISC Mathematics Syllabus


  1. To enable candidates to acquire knowledge and to develop an understanding of the terms, concepts, symbols, definitions, principles, processes and formulae of Mathematics at the Senior Secondary stage.
  2. To develop the ability to apply the knowledge and understanding of Mathematics to unfamiliar situations or to new problems.
  3. To develop skills of –
  4. (a) computation.
    (b) reading tables, charts, graphs, etc.
  5. To develop an appreciation of the role of Mathematics in day-to-day life.
  6. To develop an interest in Mathematics.
  7. To develop a scientific attitude through the study of Mathematics.
  8. As regards to the standard of algebraic manipulation, students should be taught:
    (i) To check every step before proceeding to the next particularly where minus signs are involved.
    (ii) To attack simplification piecemeal rather than en block.
    (iii) To observe and act on any special features of algebraic form that may be obviously present.

The syllabus is divided into three sections A, B and C – 

Section A is compulsory for all candidates. Candidates will have a choice of attempting questions from
EITHER Section B OR Section C.

There will be one paper of three hours duration of 100 marks.

  • Section A (80 marks) Candidates will be required to attempt all questions. Internal choice will be provided in three questions of four marks each and two questions of six marks each.
  • Section B / C (20 marks) Marks): Candidates will be required to attempt all questions EITHER from Section B OR Section C. Internal choice will be provided in two questions of four marks each.

Mathematics Syllabus for ISC Class 12th is given below.

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