ICSE Syllabus for year 2019, 2018, 2017 is given below. Students of Class X can use this syllabus for their annual examination preparation.

Board: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education
Class: X
Subject: History & Civics

ICSE History & Civics Syllabus

Aims :

  1. To provide an understanding of the working of the Indian government necessary for the student to grow into a responsible, enlightened citizen in a Secular democracy.
  2. To enrich the understanding of those aspects of Indian historical development which are crucial to the understanding of contemporary India.
  3. To awaken a desirable understanding in pupils of the various streams which have contributed to the development and growth of the Indian nation and its civilisation and culture.
  4. To develop a world historical perspective of the contributions made by various cultures to the total heritage of mankind.

There will be one paper of two hours duration carrying 80 marks and an Internal Assessment of
20 marks.

The paper will be divided into two parts –

  • Part I : (30 marks) will contain short answer questions set from the entire syllabus.
  • Part II : (50 marks) will consist of Section A and Section B.

History & Civics Syllabus for ICSE Class 10th is given below.

 Exam Year  ICSE Syllabus
 2019  Click Here
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ICSE Class X Syllabus Sample Papers