ICSE 2016 Class IX and X Syllabus – Classical Language

(Candidates offering Sanskrit as a Group I subject may not opt for Sanskrit as a Group II subject.)

Papers will be set in Sanskrit and other Classical Languages on request.


Classes IX & X

There will be one paper of two hours duration carrying 80 marks and Internal Assessment of 20 marks.

The paper will consist of the following tests –

(a) Question on elementary Sanskrit grammar.
(b) Unprepared translation from English into Sanskrit consisting of short prose sentences.
(c) Unprepared translation from Sanskrit into English

Internal Assessment

The minimum number of assignments for each academic year.

  • Class IX : Two or three assignments of reasonable length/duration.
  • Class X : Two or three assignments of reasonable length/duration.

Suggested Assignments

Class IX – Creative Writing : Students are to write short compositions the stimuli being; i) a piece of recorded music; ii) a recorded series of sound; iii) a picture/photograph; iv) an opening sentence or phrase; v) a newspaper/magazine clipping or report; one piece
of factual writing which should be informative or argumentative; one piece of expressive writing which is descriptive and imaginative; preparation of the film/book review.

Class X – Oral : Prepared speech/ declamation; impromptu speech/ debate/ discussion; report/ interview; elocution; role play/ general conversation on selected topics.

Aural : Listening to a conversation/ talk/ reading of a short passage and then writing down the relevant or main points in the specified number of words and answering the given questions.


The assignments/project work are to be evaluated by the subject teacher and by an External Examiner. (The External Examiner may be a teacher nominated by the Head of the school, who could be from the faculty, but not teaching the subject in the section/class. For example, a teacher of Language of Class VIII may be deputed to be an External Examiner for Class X, Language projects.)

The Internal Examiner and the External Examiner will assess the assignments independently.

Award of marks (20 Marks)

  • Subject Teacher (Internal Examiner) 10 marks
  • External Examiner 10 marks
  • The total marks obtained out of 20 are to be sent to the Council by the Head of the school.
  • The Head of the school will be responsible for the entry of marks on the mark sheets provided by the Council.

Internal Assessment in Sanskrit – Guidelines for marking with grades Creative Writing (Classes IX)

Internal Assessment in Sanskrit – Guidelines for marking with grades Aural Assignment (Class X)

Internal Assessment in Sanskrit – Guidelines for marking with grades Oral Assignment (Class X)

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